Culture and environment
The basic ingredient of the local cuisine is Fontina cheese, a semi-cooked full-fat cheese made of whole cows' milk from a single milking session. This type of cheese is very versatile and is the basis for many famous dishes such as Fonduta or the traditional Valle d'Aosta Polenta.

There are other local products, like Jambon de Bosses, which is a dry-cured ham spiced with mountain herbs, prepared and left to mature at an altitude of 1600 metres; or Lardo di Arnad, Motzetta which is made with dried beef, mutton or goat's meat.

Near the hotel there are many restaurants offering local dishes such as Seupa alla Vapelenentse, Polenta Concia (a local style of polenta, which is made with cornmeal, served with Fontina cheese), Carbonada, Chamois Civet and at the end of your meal Valdostan Coffee, which comes in a "friendship cup".

Cooperativa Produttori Latte e Fontina
Itinéraires des fromages autour du Mont Blanc
Association Régionale Eleveurs Valdôtains
Réseau Alpestre Francophone