Culture and environment
L'ingresso del Traforo del Monte Bianco
Fondazione Montagna Sicura
The Independent Region of Valle d'Aosta, the Municipality of Courmayeur, the Alpine Valdostan Aid and the Alpine Guides Union have created Fondazione Montagna Sicura to study the problems and the dynamics of safety, first aid and life high up in the mountains. The Foundation has its head office in Courmayeur, at the Palud, in Villa Cameron.
Espace Mont-Blanc
Espace Mont-Blanc is a cross-border cooperation that involves 35 towns in Savoy, Upper Savoy, Valle d'Aosta and Vallese, all of which, under the aegis of the Mont Blanc Cross-Border Conference, are determined to protect and enhance an emblematic cross-border territory, where marvellous nature and environment coexist with economic and tourist activities of international relevance
Fondazione Courmayeur
The Courmayeur Foundation's main aim is to promote, develop and coordinate research, studies, experiments and meetings, mostly in Courmayeur to explore legal and economic themes in our contemporary society and bring them to wider attention, with particular emphasis on the international picture. In 1994 the ''Laurent Ferretti'' Mountain Observatory was founded to promote multidisciplinary research projects with a cross-border focus.
Tourist Cross-Border Itineraries
The RITT project (Network of Tourist Cross-Border Itineraries) was founded in 2003 at the suggestion of the General Council of Haute Savoie, and includes the Tourist Department of the Independent Region Valle d'Aosta. Its aim is to unite the two regions by developing thematic routes that show the area's monuments, such as churches and castles, its nature and its secrets, cinema, architecture, history and contemporary art.
Forte di Bard
Forte di Bard is the new cultural pole of the Western Alps, an international centre of interpretation of culture and alpine landscape. Within the complex are the Museum of the Alps, the Forte di Bard Museum, the Border Museum and the Youth Museum as well as temporary exhibitions. Services are available for French and English speaking tourists. You can reach Forte di Bard from Courmayeur along the A5 motorway, in the direction of Turin, leaving the motorway at the exit for Verrès. This drive takes approximately 60 minutes.
The Bouton d'Or Hotel has a convention with Forte di Bard.
Astronomical Observatory of Valle d'Aosta
This site is at Nus, in the valley of Saint Barthélemy. The observatory has modern equipment that provides the possibility for high-level research as well as more popular or didactical activities. Daytime guided tours and nocturnal observations can also be booked. The observatory is reached from Courmayeur by the A5 motorway, in the direction of Turin, leaving the motorway at the exit for Nus.