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Notre Dame de la Guérison
Notre Dame-de-la-Guérison
At the beginning of the road to Val Veny, at the foot of the Brenva glacier, stands the Notre-Dame de Guèrison Sanctuary, dedicated to the Madonna of Healing. The miracles that Mary is said to have performed have made this site a place of cult. Its interior walls are completely covered with crutches, left there in gratitude by the miraculously cured. On the 2nd of July, the day on which the visit of the Virgin to Saint Elizabeth is celebrated, a Mass dedicated to the guides of Courmayeur is held in the sanctuary.

Regina pacis
At the top of Chetif mountain, on the roof of a chapel built in 1946, stands a monumental statue of the Virgin Mary, Regina Pacis. It was put there by the population of Courmayeur to thank Mary for her protection during the Second World War. From this site, on 7th September 1986, Pope John II expressed his hopes for Europe during the Angelus blessing: "Europe should try to construct a renewed and solider unity, based on human and on Christian values, and thus regain a significant place in mankind's journey towards the aim of an a uthentic civilisation".