Hotel Bouton d'Or

Health Protocol

Room cleaning and care for the well-being of our customers are of utmost importance.

It’s our duty and wish to make this a pleasant and welcoming experience. As is already our custom, at the departure of each guest, the duvet and pillows are sanitized separately with an ozone treatment. Furthermore, after regular ventilation and cleaning with specific products, the rooms are sanitized with a dry aerosol (Felmar) combined with a special disinfectant (Rely+On Virkon). Similar hygiene measures are applied to all the common areas of the hotel. We can assure you that we, with all our collaborators, have adopted and strictly follow the general rules and protocols as suggested by the Ministry of Health and the Trade Associations. The common areas have also been adapted to make sure your stay in our house, inside, and out in the garden, is safe and pleasant. Above all, we guarantee you, as always, our constant presence and support.

Patrizia and Andrea